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Dev Randhawa, CEO of Ironside Resources

Dev Randhawa is the CEO and Chairman of Ironside Resources. With a long and highly successful track record as a Chief Executive Officer, Dev Randhawa brings expertise and international experience in developing resource and mining exploration to the company.

In 1996 Dev Randhawa founded Strathmore Minerals Corp. heading up the company as CEO until Sept 2008 when he left to focus on Fission Energy Corp – a company which he developed from Strathmore. In 2006, Dev Randhawa founded Pacific Asia Energy Inc., operating as President and CEO until the company’s sale to Greka China Ltd, for $35.18 million in 2008. In 2013, Fission Uranium Corp was created out of Fission Energy Corp after a deal with Denison Mines.

With Dev Randhawa as CEO, Fission Energy was named a TSX Venture 50(r) Company in 2011. "The TSX Venture 50(r) are the top 10 companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, in each of the five major industry sectors - mining, oil & gas, technology & life sciences, diversified industries and clean technology - based on a ranking formula with equal weighting given to return on investment, market cap growth, trading volume and analyst coverage. All data was as of December 31, 2010."

Dev Randhawa previously had a successful career as an investment banker and maintains that the time he spent in that role has been crucial to his success as a CEO in the resources sector. 

Dev Randhawa has a BA in Business Administration with Honors from Trinity Western College of Langley, British Columbia. In addition he holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia which he gained in 1985.

You can find further information on Dev on his personal website Dev Randhawa, along with his Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.