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Araboro Creek

The recently identified Araboro Creek prospect is distinctive for its cluster of nested circular features. It is located in the linear belt that includes the Urua Creek and Ioleu Creek porphyry prospects and is another breccia-related intrusive centre localised along the Keveri Fault Zone (Fig 5). Sampling at Araboro Creek has located float of quartz-sulphide rock containing 1.3 % Cu, 0.14 g/t Au, and chalcopyrite-pyrite-covellite rock containing 1.16% Cu (Fig.6).


Fig 5 - Alignment of Urua Creek Au-Cu
porphyry prospect, Araboro Creek circular
feature/intrusive and Ioleu Creek Cu-Au
porphyry prospect along the Keveri Fault Zone


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Fig 6 - Araboro Creek Cu-Au prospect – oblique aerial photograph of circular structures, showing diatreme