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Dimidi Creek

The Dimidi Creek prospects are located in a northern tributary of the Ada’u River (Fig 11). Dimidi Creek is noteworthy for both a persistent train of pannable gold and platinum well into its middle reaches, as well as the apparently unique occurrence of float boulders of chromitite (Fig 12). Three prospects have been identified within the area, viz. Muruk Pt-Ni-Cr prospect, Duna Creek Pt-Cr prospect and Dimidi Creek prospect. All three prospects are located in the Awariobo Range ultramafic complex.

The Dimidi Creek prospect consists of a 75 m interval of variably hydrothermally altered ultramafic, mafic and felsic rocks located along the western bank of the middle reaches of Dimidi Creek. Rock types within the prospect range from peridotite to pyroxenite, leucogabbro to felsite. Textures include equigranular fine- to coarse-grained porphyritic, pegmatitic and heterolithic gabbro breccia. To-date, no significant PGE results have been obtained from detailed sampling of these lithologies.












Fig 12 - Dimidi Creek PGE prospects