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Ioleu Creek

Ioleu Creek Cu-Au prospect is located 19 km east of Urua Creek prospect. The prospect is localised within the Keveri Fault Zone and is noteworthy for a float train of large 50-60 cm diameter boulders of basalt containing thick (up to 10 cm) veins of chalcopyrite-bornite (Fig 4). Their angularity indicates that they are sourced locally. A widespread area of pannable gold is coincident with the train of copper boulders. Detrital gold is fine-grained (<0.5 mm size) and angular, again suggestive of limited transport and a local source. The chalcopyrite-bornite boulders and detrital gold are coincident with two stocks of intensely pervasively argillised gabbro, suggesting a genetic link. The mafic rocks have a distinctive haematite stockwork and are associated with localised platinum-palladium and copper soil anomaly. (Table 2)

Fig 2 - Urua Creek Au-Cu prospect
showing diatreme geology, highlights of
selected trench and rock chip sampling


Fig 4 - Ioleu Creek prospect coppper float, detrital gold and alteration