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Urua Creek

Flagship prospect is the Urua Creek Au-Cu prospect, hosted in a very young likely Early Pliocene diatreme, a breccia filled volcanic vent containing carbonised wood fragments indicative of a direct connection to the surface (Fig 2). The breccia has dimensions in excess of 1,700 m x 900 m and comprises a series of nested igneous events. Soil gold-copper-molybdenum anomalism is coincident with the breccia, suggestive of a porphyry copper system (Fig 3). The breccia contains areas of both low-grade propylitic zone and high-grade phyllic zone gold-copper mineralisation. Gold-copper mineralisation in the propylitic zone in surface trenches ranges up to 33 m @ 0.17 % Cu, 0.27 g/t Au and in the phyllic zone up to 36 m @ 0.72 % Cu, 0.97 g/t Au (incl. 12 m @ 1.13 % Cu, 2.03 g/t Au). Obvious drill targets are available. (Table 1)

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Fig 1 - Mt Suckling project map


Fig 2 - Urua Creek Au-Cu prospect
showing diatreme geology, highlights of
selected trench and rock chip sampling

Fig 3 - Copper-gold-molybdenum soil anomalies
over the Urua Creek Au-Cu prospect